Though there are many business persons are emerging day by day Simon Kissel is in outstanding position from them. He is the youngest business person he started doing business at his age of 17. He is having excellent knowledge in computer programming and networks. Simon is very much interested in doing computer arts and that made him one of the world’s best computer artists. From the age of 8, he started learning himself and he dropped out from school which offered more space to concentrate on his interests. Therefore, he opened one computer shop nearby his area and spent most of his time in doing programming and other computer stuff. Basically, Simon is known as a nerd because he is always seen by his computer. It made him a big inventor on finding new innovative things related to the computer which resulted in starting a company called Simon Kissel Viprinet.

He is having several extraordinary gifts and qualities which made him a big successful business person in the world. Simon is having more knowledge and analytical and critical reasoning so nobody will balance with him in direct communication. Being a good computer programmer he started planning to involve with him in business. This makes him study economics for gaining experiences but he did not do any regular studies in it. Without taking any respective studies in the field of economics he has mastered by learning himself. This helps him to turn his computer shop into a software developing company.

It became a market leader in chat server system and faced with many ups and downs in its development. Now he is at the age of 35 and lives in one of his Simon Kissel Viprinet headquarters in Germany. Moreover, he adopted this place as his permanent residence.

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