Q:- Do all places of work need to be risk assessed for Legionella? The HSE ACoP L8 urges that any business assumptions with which has a system for keeping or gets the method of producing an aerosol effect with water and over 5 workers ought to have an appraisal made.

Q:- Do national properties need to be evaluated? The ACoP L8 guidelines are just required when the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 applies. Most national properties are classed as low risk.
Q:- What needs to be performed following the Legionella risk assessment? The Legionella risk assessment should decide that the site is of minimal or low hazard by which case a review is only going to be required every couple of years. A work agenda will probably be consented if your site is judged to be a fair danger or in need of repair work and the site will continue to be tracked.
Q:- What tracking work do people need to perform? This is determined by the quantity of water included and the size of the site. A business that is normal should demand a monthly test of the system and tracking of water temperatures, with a yearly review of cooling towers and water tanks. Water systems which aren’t used often should even be flushed on a weekly basis.
Q:- Can the evaluation be performed in house? The HSE ACoP L8 guidance states that external help might be called upon if that is unavailable in just a company and that the one who carries out the legionella risk assessment needs to be a trained and seasoned individual. The person undertaking the evaluation ought to have the ability to work in a safe and competent mode.

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