You may use the normal key board comes with your total computer set, for gaming and as well as for other official works and so on. But a keyboard specially designed for gaming will change your typing experience so much that you would never want to go back to your previous keyboard. It has seen in a Tastatur Test that whether you are assembling your own computer or upgrading your old version a gaming keyboard will give you a wealthy and effective experience of gaming.

Types of the keyboard:
The keyboard world will blow your mind by its variety. According to gaming tastatur test, they are divided into many types depending on their keys, using of wires, size, structure or light.
Wired or wireless:
Wired computer mainly comes with the computer set or brought for PC or even for laptops. Wired keyboards are connected through the wire with the PC so that they have the limited range of use. But they are very cheap than wireless and also long lasting. On the other hand, thewireless keyboard does cover 30 feet of range, though they are convenient but not durable and also costly.
Types of keys:
Though there are mainly two types of the keyboard a) membrane keyboard b) mechanical keyboard but according to key switch, there are three kinds of keys used in the keyboards.
i) Silicon dome switches: made with soft rubber that helps to silent typing. But these keys need to push down all the way so not very comfortable for gaming.
ii) Scissor switch: made with the plunger and mechanical stabilizer under each key. Have a soft clicking sound and much better than silicon dome keys and also goes a long way. But these keyboards are not easily repairable.
iii) Mechanical keys: this kind of keys are known as beste gaming tastatur and used for most of the gaming keyboards. Comes with spring under every key and gives a great typing experience with a loud clicking sound.
There is some keyboard comes with background light to give you a great experience during the game. But in gaming tastatur test it is shown that the light normally doesn’t give anything extra but the expense.

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