Condoms are the best way to escape from pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases. It became the most significant thing each and every individual’s life because it protects them from many sorts of bodily related issues. Moreover, it provides at most pleasure to individuals without any hassle. Generally, different types of condoms are available in the drugstore and it ranges with size, shape, price and so on. According to the requirement of individual condoms are utilized in many ways. It will not provide any kind of side effects to the people and offers plenty of benefits to the individuals. With regards to the utilization of material, condoms are categorized into several types, for example, latex, polyisoprene, lambskin, polyurethane and so on.

As like male, females are also having many types of condoms according to their purposes. The most common and famous type of condom is known to be latex because the material is available in all countries. These particular types of condoms are most reliable, cheap and it has strong material. It is not gender specific it can be utilized by both the gender without any difficulties. The main drawback of these types of condoms is it will create some allergic sensation to the people at their genital areas. Therefore it is better to avoid this type if any allergic symptoms found at regular intervals to the people.

Polyurethane is the second most popular type of condoms and it is suitable for the people who have allergic symptoms with the latex of the previous condom. It has plenty of advantages to the individuals while comparing with the latex one. It provides greater potential pleasure for the people who engage themselves in sexual intercourse. The other types of condoms are said to be lambskin and polyisoprene both are made up of natural material which will not provide any sort of side effects to the people.

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