Are you looking out for help for completing your household chores? Then it is better that you hire services of cleaning services Singapore. They make available trusted professionals that perform tasks like home cleaning, floor polishing, painting and handyman services. The professionals are well-experienced in their jobs and provide friendly services.
Cleaning Services Singapore
The primary house cleaning service made available by the cleaning services include cleaning of common areas, living room and bedroom. The professional’s dust all the accessible surfaces. They clean all the floor surfaces and even wipe the glass fixtures and mirrors. The professionals take out the garbage from home as well.

Tasks Performed While Cleaning the Kitchen
While cleaning the kitchen, all the dishes from the sink are put in the dishwasher for cleaning. The exterior of household appliances in the kitchen with oven, stove and fridge are wiped on the outside. The floor surface in the kitchen is also cleaned properly. You can even request the cleaning services to send professionals to do extra work. The extra tasks include cleaning the inside of the cabinets, oven, fridge and even interior windows. You need to pay extra money for these cleaning tasks that take extra time.
Rates for cleaning services
The rates of the professional cleaning services start from $260 per session. The rates of the other services like interior painting, marble polishing is higher than other house cleaning services. The rates mainly depend on the complexity of the work and the size of the apartment.
Maid Services
The cleaning services in Singapore also make available Part time Maid. The maids render their services on a weekly basis or 4 times in a week. They mainly assist you in your household chores. They carry out tasks like cobweb dusting, cleaning the exterior of tabletops, cupboards and drawers. You can save a lot of your time taking the assistance of these part-time maids.

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