The bus transportation in Singapore is properly organized due to the presence of famous bus operators like the Transnasional which operate both in Singapore and pincer Malaysia. There are three main terminals available in Singapore which can take you to Malaysia and they are as follows.

• Lavender Street bus terminal.
• Queen Street bus terminal.
• Golden mileComplex.
The different Transnasional bus terminals
There are three different bus terminals working under Transnasional bus operating services, and they are as follows: –
• Queen Street bus terminal – it has the top three wonderful bus services which can take you to Johor Bahru which is in Malaysia by the Singapore jar express transport, cause billing express and SBS bus transits. All the buses can take you to Malaysia in under an hour crossing the causeway
• Lavender Street bus terminal – there are also three bus companies who are working at this bus terminal at Lavender Street and they are Malacca-SingaporeExpress, the Delima Express and also the transnational bus services present over here. This bus transportation company is located near the lavender foot square of the city.
• Golden MileComplex – this company serves a pickup point for taking long-distance was Janice Malaysia. It is popularly known as the Golden MileComplex which is located at Beach Road at Kallang. The charges are quite competitive amongst these three rival bus tour operators, and you should always refer to the Internet first before making any decision about booking a ticket.
As this Singapore bus terminal located near the central, Transnasional is by far the best bus to operating company found in this region,which operate to multiple destinations all over Singapore and Malaysia at cheaper rates when compared to flight tickets.

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