The other name of an editorial cartoon is a political cartoon. It is a drawing which contains expression or comments which show artist opinion. The cartoon artists typically show their shows wit, satire, and hyperbole. They always, through their cartoons draw their attention towards corruption, political violence, and other social issues. It is a very witty way to reach those politicians, without being violent; especially Trump Cartoons are one of upcoming satire in a political cartoon world.

Political cartoons and their approach
• Generally, political cartoons are being found on the editorial page of the newspaper.
• Or sometimes at the corner of the first page. It’s very catchy and attracts the reader. Caricatures and visual metaphors are used by most of the cartoonist which targets the most complicated political situations.
• Thus what comes out to be very emotional and humorous picture? The cartoonist always designed cartoon to make people laugh and the object not to offend but to seduce.
• A modern cartoon which is political like Trump memes which symbols and visual metaphors.
Political effect on Trump memes
• It usually gives and brings together unrelated events for more humorous effect.
The political anger can be reduced through cartoons. Trump Memes are very much living.
Cartoons create controversies
In most cases cartoons create controversies. Some cartoons related to Trump, are very controversial though very satirical.
• The Donald a famous word these days. Social media is delighted to mock like that. The cartoons related to Donald trumps the first month in the office. His sacking and resignations have made a negative effect.
• The cartoon shows Trump’s oath ceremony.
• Then the cartoon “big shoes to fill.”
• Tweet and Nuke
• Trumps meeting with May
• Michael Flynn resigns
• Torture works according to Trump.
• Travel ban is being announced
• He is annoyed for future.
Hillary memes are which is mimicked which can be passed from one individual to another.

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